March 16, 2010

Frequently asked questions

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Who you are?
We're a musical band from Petrozavodsk town (Karelia, Russia) composing, arranging and performing songs in Veps language. So we perform Vepsian songs.

Where can I listen to your music?
For example, here in this blog.

Why Vepsian music?
First of all, we live in Karelia - one of Vepsians traditional residences and some of us has Vepsian roots moreover.
But the main idea is that it's very very very interesting to play such a music, 'cause it means also learning the customs and culture.

What means "noid"?
"Noid" is a very ancient word and can be translated from Vepsian as "a sorceress/sorcerer, a witch/wizard".
People believed that a noid had magical ability to help or harm them. As a rule, every Vepsian village had it's own noid.
We called the band by this mysterious word 'cause our songs is a kind of magic too.

How many people is in you band? That instruments do you play?
We're 4 in the band:
Alina Kartynen - vocal
Vladimir Solovjev - accordion
Alexander Shashin - bass
Sergey Smirnov - drums

Are all of you professional musicians?
Almost everyone in the band is a professional musician.

Who composes music for you?
In most cases we compose and arrange music all together. Everyone of us makes his contribution during the process.

Are your songs traditional?
We call a style of our songs as world-music - it includes both traditional songs arranged in a modern style and authors' songs. Lyrics for the songs we write by ourselves or use lyrics written by Vepsian poets.
Nevertheless in every song we use elements of traditional Vepsian musical culture.

Have you got other web-sites?
Nope, it's the only web-site we've got as far as now.

Is it possible to arrange your performance?
Sure it is. Please contact us and we'll discuss the details.

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Well...we don't know exactly.

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