July 14, 2011

Noid has been selected for Liet International 2011

The selection jury of Liet International 2011 made its choice. From more than 40 entries in more than 20 languages, the jury could only select 5 bands. This are Noid (Republic of Karelia), Silent Woo Goore (Udmurt Republic), Manam (Scotland), Siroka (Basque Country) and Aoife Scott (Ireland). These 5 bands and the winners of some song festivals in minority languages will battle on 19 November in the final of Liet International 2011 in Udine, in the region Friuli in the North-East of Italy.
The selection jury consisted this year of musicians and music specialists from Asturias, Friuli, the Russian Federation and Friesland, chaired by the Frisian saxophonist Anne Zwaga.
According to the jury, the level, but also the musical diversity of the entries, was again very high.
Furthermore, many entries came from the Russian Federation. This resulted in 2 bands from the Russian Federation in the final of Liet International this year.
More information regarding the 5 selected finalists:
* Noid is a band from Petrozavodsk/Petroskoi (capital of the Republic of Karelia in Russia, close to Finland). They sing in Vepsian, a Finno-Ugric language belonging to the same language family as Finnish and Hungarian.
* The Silent Woo Goore is singing in Udmurt, a language that exists next to Russian in the
Udmurt Republic.
* Manam is a band from Scotland and they sing in Scottish Gaelic.
* Siroka comes from Balmaseda/Bizkaia in the Spanish part of the Basque Country. This four-
piece band plays solid, Basque rock.
* Aoife Scott is a cousin of the known Irish singer Mary Black. She is from Dublin, sing in Irish
and is seen as one of the great talents of the current Irish music scene.
Earlier this year already 3 preliminaries are held, namely Premiu al Meyor Cantar in Asturias, Spain, with the winner Skama La Rede. The Sámi have their own song festival round Easter: the Sámi Grand Prix in Kautokeino, Norway, with the winner Rollfa. And the winner of the Frisian song festival Liet in Ljouwert/Leeuwarden was Janna Eijer.
Finally, 2 participants will be selected through song festival Suns in the region Grisons in
Switzerland. Several minority languages from Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Corsica participate in this preliminary. For this festival more than 40 bands signed up as well. The last participant will be selected at the first edition of a song festival at the Faroe Islands, where the winner of Liet International 2010, the band Orka, comes from.

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