May 6, 2015

How ancient songs revive

Small post about making arrangements of traditional songs by Noid - how it started and has been developing.

It was long time ago, 1999 or somelike. I was studying in Petrozavodsk State University, Baltic-Finnish philology and culture faculty, Veps and Finnish languages and literature department. I was in the second year of studying, if I remember right.

One day I decided to try writing a short poem in Veps:

Hei, ei, kotkaine
Lendad sinä taivhadme.
En voi olda ilman händast
Mitte elo om minule.

Lenda randale,
Sanu armhale
Kuti tullei pilvid läbi
Minun joudai kotkaine.

Sanub kotkaine:
Tulin sulale.
Pahad vestid toin sinei,
Mäni armaz mehele.

Joudai kotkaine,
čoma suugaine.
Jäl’ges südäimes
Linneb kandatez.

Funnny thing, I couldn't make a sensible rhyme to the last stanza and I didn't want to think much about it and just made a rhyme with the first words which came to my mind: Jäl’ges südäimes linneb kandatez (it can be translated as: "after that it'll be sourcream in your heart"). Ok, let's suppose lyrics were done. It took 10 minutes to take a guitar and play some chords, some time to make an arragement on my Ensoniq TS-10 synth, record it and add vocal in Adobe Audition - and the song was ready.

In 2010, when we recorded "Kukirikku" CD, the song gained new "breath" in new arrangement, but lyrics and harmony remained all the same:

Some years passed since that and in 2007 appeared "Noid". I'd got some music material - traditional Veps songs - and we should try to arrange it. We were standing at the edge of the most exciting process and it was about to begin!:)
First of all I set an important criteria for my experiments with traditional musical material: traditional elements (melody mostly as Vepses performed their songs a capella) must remain unchanged in the final arrangements.
For the first song we took traditional Veps lullaby.

And arranged it:

I should mention, that we tried to arrange every song in a different style.
And so on:

We're very happy to have an opportunity to acquaint you with Veps culture.
This year we'll finish our second album. New album, new sound.
So, the experiments continue.


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