June 9, 2015

Kodima newspaper is a mirrow of Vepses' life

If you're eager to get more info about Vepses, be ready for challenge - there are not so many sources online, less offline, less in English or other languages except Russian.
That's why I'd like you to get acquainted with the only Vepsian newspaper - Kodima (The Native land).

The newspaper was established in 1993 by non-profit organization Vepsian Culture Society (Общество вепсской культуры). The first editor was Nina Zaitseva, creator of Veps literary language.
Now Kodima has 8 pages in Veps and Russian languages, circulation is 600 per month.

New editor Irina Sotnikova tells that the main objective of the newspaper is to provide links between Vepses living in traditional 3 regions - Leningrad region, Vologda region and the Republic of Karelia. Publishing articles about cultural, political, social life of Vepses - news, stories, interviews, poetry - Kodima supports the feeling of relationship and complicity of all Vepses. Usual authors are the most active part of Vepses - cultural figures, linguists, TV reporters, poets, musicians.
Kodima is distributed among schools, libraries, cultural organisations of Veps regions and also abroad. For example, some subscribers are located in Finland.

Irina says that the most important issue now is Veps literary language, used by the newspaper. While most of readers are native speakers, using various dialects of the language, sometimes it gets hard for them to understand new lexis. But on the other hand, that helps older people to learn new words.
As well as young readers also have a good opportunity to learn native language via the newspaper. And Kodima does it's best to help them to study Veps, arranging meetings, contests, lessons etc.

I can say, that in our modern "globalized" life Kodima serves as a binder, as a common place, gathering all Vepses and telling that we're not lost in a cultural variety. It becomes even more important in our days.

So, if you'd like to know more about Vepses' life - you're welcome at website of Kodima  http://kodima.rkperiodika.ru.
The newspaper is available for downloading in PDF format there.
Also you can subscribe for the paper version here https://ruslania.com/periodics/7986/kodima
And you can anytime contact Kodima at vepskodima@mail.ru



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