March 17, 2015

Devices we use in our live performance

In this post I'll show you what musical stuff we use in our performance.
I must say the set is changing - we buy new devices and add them to the set or replace the others.

Classical 4-string bass guitar

Boss bass overdrive - bass distortion

TC Electronic Flashback - guitar delay

Bass remains quite classical, but in some songs these devices make an interesting effect.

Classical drum set
Electron Octatrack  8 track performance sampler. It's hard to list all features this device provides - recorder, sequencer, looper etc. Very cool must-have device.
Dave Smith Instruments Tetra - 4-voice analog synthesizer. Very rich sounds perfectly fit to the arrangements, especially combined with Octatrack.

Korg microSTATION - compact workstation. I really love this little beast!

Miditech i2-Control 37 black edition - simple midi keyboard, plugged to Microstation via midi.

Shure SM58 vocal mic
TC Helicon Voicelive Touch - vocal effects processor. This interesting device "colors" a voice and touch interface allows to easily use effects during live performances. Also it can create loops, can be controlled by midi and actually provides a singer with a mass of possibilities. It's connected with Microstation via midi to synchronize tempo and harmonizer.

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  1. About the subtract area, regardless of how excellent these are, electronic digital drums by no means seem as well as experience that can match a superb pair of traditional drums.