March 13, 2015

Sound evolution by Noid

I'm happy to say that Noid has started off to record a new album. This CD will be the second one. (see my older post where you can buy our first CD  

It's certainly good and we'll have a great job to do and bla bla bla, but I'm not actually talking about that.
I'd like to tell about significant change which occured to our musical concept.
Our band started to perform in 2007 as a folk band. It was an experiment - to give traditional Veps songs a new modern form. Vepses never had got such a band before, we were the first and it was fresh and interesting (hope still is:) The main idea concerning that was to keep traditional tunes recognizable. It doesn't seem to be hard, but it's not that easy if you use modern instruments. Accordion and contrabass made our arrangements closer to the original songs and, as we're thinking, added authenticity.

But time is going, we're changing, as well as music is changing too. Frankly speaking, I always liked electronic music, especially for it's features and possibilities it provides to a musician - fantastic instruments and sounds, wonderful effects, midi implementation etc.

One remark.
During the evolutional process humans have developed physiological tools for hunting or avoiding dangers. Our hearing aid is one of this tools. Hearing a sound a man (his brain actualy) automatically tries to calculate sound parameters: source, volume, distance, timbre, moving direction etc. This works well with natural sounds, 'cause natural sounds appear and disappear by the certain pattern, which we used to hear and process during milion years of evolution. But this doesn't work with electronical sounds, being made by oscillators. So when a brain "hears" such a sound and tries to process, it simply gets confused. It's an interesting effect of electronic music.

So we decided to make the new program. And we love the results. I think it's not just an interesting experience, but the new level also.